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Hey there, just had an F55 here at my shop with the same issue. Remove the shift lever assembly, the whole thing, not just the lever.
Carefully open it up. Inside there is a white lever that has a magnet on the back side of it (rear most) and the shift interlock solenoid pushes this lever.
On the one here, we removed that while lever and found the spring broken so that interlock lever's magnet was no longer in range of the sensor. We unwound the spring to get the length we needed and it works.
Hope it helps


am wondering if any body have any idea about this error message on My car ( European F56 MINI Cooper 2-door hardtop built in 07/15/2015 with the B38 engine).
Currently every time i put car in P and switch the car off and open my door, i get warning message Secure vehicle against rolling . I chick the car with a diagnostic tool , which wont clear the error.
and the error says "Shiftlock solenoid selector lever wrongly not locked in P intermittent ” code 420106.
One of the forum members had the same problem and I asked him but I could not get any answer from him but he said the company told him he should go for a new control unit at £958+VAT to replace.*( what he mean by new control unit ) ?
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