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Shiftlock solenoid selector lever wrongly not locked in P

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I am wondering if anybody has any idea about this error message on My car ( European F56 MINI Cooper 2-door hardtop built on 07/15/2015 with the B38 engine).
Currently, every time I put the car in P and switch the car off and open my door, I get a warning message Secure vehicle against rolling. I chick the car with a diagnostic tool, which won't clear the error.

The error says "Shiftlock solenoid selector lever wrongly not locked in P intermittent ” code 420106.

One of the forum members had the same problem and I asked him but I could not get any answer from him but he said the company told him he should go for a new control unit at £958+VAT to replace it.*( what does he mean by new control unit )?
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I joined this forum just to add a link for the pin itself. I have no room to work on my car, so I'd rather pay my mechanic (a good guy) for his labor than shell out ~$550 for an entire shifter assembly that is otherwise working perfectly. Sure, this spring is probably just as thin and will break again in a few years (our mini is a 2016 w/ just over 42k miles), but you all sent me in the right direction with videos and information (so I'll know how to change it myself when I live somewhere with a garage/driveway), so if I can help you out and save you money, that's good enough for me.

1 - 1 of 38 Posts