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should i get the winter tires now?

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hi guys, i've just bought a mini and is about to pick up at this weekend. however, i'm bargaining with the dealer to see if they could replace the original tires with the WINTER ones, cuz you know, the winter is kind of overwhelming now. i'm living in ottawa, where snow weather's expected to come,,,well, probably in couple of weeks??? so does any one living here and have any idea on this kind of tricky staff???
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Well, winter tires are preferred for our climate, they do a better job at the low temperatures we get.
If you may be planning to get a second set of wheels & tires then see if you can get the dealer to change to snows now. (I'm assuming your car is coming with the 15" wheels?)
That way you can look at a set of 16" wheels and more performance oriented tires for the coming summers.
Bargainingwith MINI Ottawa?? Best of luck...

Tell us how it turned out.
well I got my mini S with "ALL SEASON TIRE" in Saturday..... :rolleyes: I hope it should be ok in-town in winter.... Drove several days, still can't figure out how to drive manual "smoothly", and also it seems has some problem with engine. So I gonna bring it back to the dealer and try to figure out what problem it is. :confused:
you'd probably be okay with all seasons for the first year when they're fresh, but I totally agree with MINNOW. Get performace tires eventually. They're SOOO much more fun.

I'd say go this winter and next summer with the all seasons, then get winters and summers for the next year.

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