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Mini in Maine
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I guess...

I'm from Maine. Middle age. First car ever owned was a '65 Volvo PV544 Sport. Cost $360 used in '73. Family cars from then on.

Started going to Scotland for the place I work in '84. Went five times from then to '91. In about '88/'89 there was a Mini dealer in the town we stayed in(Dunoon) and there was a red mini in the window. The price of that car back then was £15,000. Well even though I fell in love with it there was no way back then to bring one home unless it was old enough to be pre-emissions era. That wasn't going to happen. Well then 2000 happened and I saw the MINI being introduced to the colonies. Hot damn! Well after getting three kids mostly through college and my best friend(whose also my wife) back in the work force it's finally going to happen. My M.A. says the car should be at the dealer today and ready this week. I'm psyched. :red: Happy motoring all!
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