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Signal Strength

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OK, got the Alpine 9835R and from recorded sources I've been wowed by the quality, even through the std speakers.

Problem I've got is that radio reception is very poor - stations that are crystal clear in my gfs Ford Ka with std stereo (and every other car I've had) are crackly in the Mini.

As I had the HU replaced in the Mini 30 mins after picking it up I never had a chance to check whether the std HU picked up the radio OK so don't know whether it's the new HU or the aerial in th car causing the problem.

Apart from ripping out the stereo and putting the old one back in to check is there anyway to determine where the fault is likely to lie.
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The mini has an aerial booster which must be powered
For some reason some alpines do not have the aerial wire in the iso block, but seperate, have a look for a auto aerial lead on the alpine - if it is not connected, wire it to the blue wire on your harness adaptor
Thanks Mikey - helpfull as always..... will have a look
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