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Hey everyone, hope you can help here. I have a 2004 MCS with the H/K radio & factory NAV. A few years ago I purchased the OEM Sirius receiver (84 11 0 150 535) and installed it myself in the compartment on the left side of the boot. This was the only option for me because it's 100% controllable from the stock head unit and I refuse to add a dash-mounted Sirius controller and FM modulator. YUCK!

After nearly three years of working perfectly, it just stopped recently. I can no longer choose "SIRIUS" when cycling through the MODE button. I've checked & replaced the fuses (F10 & F27) even though neither was blown. This did not work. I plugged in a new Sirius antenna, still no dice. I'm out of ideas.

My MINI is out of warranty, and the dealer has offered to diagnose the problem at a very unreasonable price. No thanks. Sirius has sent me a new external controller, but I don't want to clutter up my dash and run an FM antenna.

Are there more diagnostic steps I can take myself to isolate the problem to avoid adding ugly dash-mounted 'flair' to my cabin?
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