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It’s a scary moment as we signal to enter an alleyway that’s barely wider than the car we’re in. I’m really on edge.

More than a few things can go wrong: I’m fearing we’ll scrape the car trying to squeeze in between the two walls, pancake a cellphone-focused pedestrian, or maybe get rear-ended by another car because of the suddenly halted flow of traffic.

For whatever reason, the pedestrians stop crowding the entrance of the alley, waving at us as we drive by. Not a single horn was honked, no middle fingers raised, just smiles. 'What gives?' I ask the driver. He responds, 'Easy, we’re in a Mini!' This is proof that a vintage Mini and London streets may just be the perfect combination, even in 2017.
Read more about the Small Car, Big City: Driving a Vintage Mini Through the Streets of London at

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My Son Started SmallCarBigCity

Well, well.
One of my sons started SmallCarBigCity with the "Chap in Charge", Rob Welch. He left after about 2 years as a 'could not refuse' job came up. They are still very close mates.
My son has a (now, after a lot of time, effort and dosh) immaculate 1992 classic SPI Cooper, BRG (same colour as my R53) but with white roof.
SCBC do great tours - loads of quirky, interesting things you don't get on the typical tours and people who have lived in London for years don't have a clue about.
For example, the Necropolis Railway was at Waterloo. Building front still there! Took bodies and relatives down to Brookwood Cemetary for burial between 1850 to 1902. The cemetaries in London were full. Cremation was not legal in Great Britain until 1885
Not a lot of people know that!
If you get a group of friends together do the "Treasure Hunt Tour - Italian Job style". Blue boiler suits and flat caps supplied. And gold bars.
The poster (thanks for the post) didn't add the link to SCBC's website. Here it is:
Give it a go. Enjoy.
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