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I just took delivery of a new Mini Countryman S E All 4 (hybrid).

I'm really enjoying the car, but as an Android phone user, the more I look into how to get the best out of MINI Connected XL, the more confused I become.

What I would really like is to be able to use integrated smartphone apps like, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Foursquare and smartphone voice commands, which the mini/bmw web pages suggest are possible, but a little digging and asking dealers suggests that most smartphone functionality is iPhone only.

I think I read somewhere that the minumum hard/software versions would be iPhone 5 with ios 9.x, so the plan at that point was to use my Android phone as a wifi hotspot. Have an old iPhone 5 permanently connected to the car via bluetooth and USB and provide internet connectivity through my phone's hotspot. I even found a cheap iPhone online.

but then I found the mini compatibility list at com[dot]mini/connectivity/compatibility/ - MINI Connectivity - Compatibility Check which gives a different picture. There it looks like I'd have to have an iPhone X and that some of the very latest Samsung and
Googloe Pixel devices also provide that functionality, but here we're talking about very expensive.

As the available information seems very hard to pin down and even the dealers don't seem to know what's needed, can anyone advise whether there would be any advantage at all in an old iPhone, or if I should just forget the functionality until the latest generation phones come down to an affordable price?


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