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Smokers - are you smoking cigarettes in your Mini ?

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or is it a big tabu ? :D

( please no general discuss that smokin can be dangerous to your health, we all now that )
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Bwaah smoking inside your car .... horrible!

Gladly I don't smoke :)
And I told everyone they can't enter my car with a smoke not even when they just finished one!

And that also counts for my girlfriend! :p :p
Im a smoker, but when nicotin-mania knocks on my door, I take a look at the white cloth-trim of inner Mini roof, and its blown away :D
give further drugs no chance :p
Driving a MINI is drug enough :D

I'm a smoker, but under no circumstances do i let anyone or myself smoke in my little baby.
OK, this thread has been heavily edited, and innapropriate replies removed.

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i thought some of this thread had disappeared.... :rolleyes:
Smokers are banned from my Cooper and I go crazy even wave their *** within 10 feet of it!:mad:

And my friends (all imaginary of course!) know not to even ask if they can light up and hold it out the window. Anyway the ash gets blown into the back seat.:)

what about other staining substances like cocacola or dietcoke - are they allowed within 10ft? ;) ;) :D :D
dietcoke is allowed but only in 500ml plastic bottles and in sufficient quantity for the journey in hand - even though it doesn't taste as good as from 300ml cans!
well, i don't blame ya, u just can't be too careful, although the cup/can holders are very good at keeping all staining liquids in their respective holders, even on fast bends! :D

Some of this thread has vanished...

As if gone up in smoke!
:cool: :rolleyes: :D
i think some of it 'floated' away, as if it was getting higher and higher! ;) ;) :D
It is getting higher and higher, but I can hardly see it anymore coz my eyes have gone slit like!

but i feel great!!;) :D :rolleyes: ........:cool:
Looks like the Magic Smoke Fairy paid a visit!;)
Trippy Indeed!

OK people, so who's up for a convoy to Amsterdam?

:cool: :D :)
Tobacco (or any other smoke orientated substance) are banned from my MINI as well as strong smelling food substances. Non strong smelling, nice smelling foods such as Burger King meals or pizza are allowed within the vicinity of the vehicle but any dropping of any such substance is frowned upon and must be cleaned up asap. Foods such as donner kebabs are to be strongly avoided. Any such foodstuff approaching the vicinity of the vehicle will be confiscated, thrown in a bin and the owner having various punishments exerted on him/her. If a passenger sneaks in an offending foodstuff, it will promptly be defenestrated and the offendor's position in his seat will be evaluated.

So you will allow dirty greasy filth ridden McDonalds or Burger King, but no smoking! That is what that wicked sun roof and one touch windows were designed for!!

I dont make a habbit of toking, i mean smoking in my Cooper (3 or 4 times so far), but sometimes I have no choice. I only ever smoke in the car if im driving along, smoke goes straight out the windows/sunroof. But I have had McD's in there before, I find the smell stays for days!

No Maccy D's in my car. They smell but Burger Kings are of a much higher quality and lack the undesirable greasy stench. I don't smoke though, so I generally don't like being in small areas with smokers and I also think that leather absorbs smoke exceedingly well and keeps the smell. That I *really* don't want!!!
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