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Hi all, sorry to annoy everyone again! My car has had a smoking problem for a while now, and I’ve got it down to a tee on when it happens (seems to be white smoke but could be blue)
Mini jcw r56 n14 <— the first problem lol
It seems to happen when I’m off the throttle and going uphill or downhill, and when I hit the throttle again it comes out in big clouds and clears up.

My head told me that this would be when the car is pulling a strong vacuum? So I thought turbo seals, when I had a look inside the turbo both sides seemed to be quite dry (I expected to see lots of oil)

A quick background is that the car has had a new piston, all new rings, valve stem oil seals etc etc. (3000-5000 miles ago) I’d imagine the rings are bedded in by now?

After a journey out in the car when I stop and get out I can smell burnt oil, so that’s what’s giving me the oil idea. The car has a stage 2 remap with new injectors, upgraded intercooler and a decat. It hasn’t gave this kind of smell when it was remapped but the car did seem to let out a strange black soot that stuck all over the back of the car in small spots for several months now(maybe linked?)

Thank you for your time ?
i have many times on here gone around in circle with people of what if and could be with oil smoke burning. best way and only chance is oil ultra violet dye in engine oil and run it see where it comes from,,
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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