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What would you do?

I've been in talks with the sales manager at the dealers.. and I started to dicuss getting another car, because I was plain and simply annoyed at everything, after I have put near enough 30k worth of bussiness in there direction in the last couple of years..

So as compensation, I asked for some Grill Lights.. I thought it's either that or I go back with the keys.. because I was just so annoyed..

Am I being too pushy? because all they've offered is re-assureance and a bit of petrol.

The reason that I was annoyed was because of the trouble with my R53, it was in the shop every 2 months or so with something going wrong.. and i'm just having visions of another donkey :(

I was so irritated because it was 4am when it happened when I was on my way home from work.. and I couldn't even get a curtousey car from MES because of my age..

So as above, what would you do?
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