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So i've just got a 04 JCW after 3 years with a nice standard MC. its great and all that sat nave, H/K stereo all that jazz but now i'm thinking what else to look at getting! So i have have a few questions for ya'll!

1) H/K Stereo - is this worth upgrading? it sound great and is loud enough! anyone changed this for something better?

2) Wheels - I like the idea of the JCW 18s but they seem to cost a fortune 1600 pounds?! are there cheaper options? i also hear JCW are bringing out new wheels with the 05 kit which could be better!!

3) BRAKES! i have to say i don't like the brakes, are there decent options for changing these or is it an expensive option to improve this!

4) Engine - are there any additions to add to this that the JCW upgrade didn't cover? i'm probably gonna get the 05 JCW upgrade anyway, but i'm not sure if there are any stock bits left that are worth changing?

That'll do for starters! just seems like lots of the upgrades are for MCS rather than JCW?! so opinions will be much appreciated! You guys seem to know what you're on about!

Cheers all
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