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SCMM will be leaving Southern CA on Thursday and should be arriving in Monterey on Friday night. They will have 2 runs on Sat 8/7. We will be joining them on the runs. We urge our members to come to this event and extend our welcome to our fellow brothers/sisters from the south.

Download the Itinerary
Download the morning run map on Sat. 8/7

Danny, Larry and I would like to show the NorCal MINIs' welcome to the SCMM brothers/sisters. We have deiced to join their breakfast in Monterey on Sat morning. We will meet at the MINI of Mt View on 8/7 6:30am, and leave at 6:40am shape. I know it's a little early, but if you like to join us, please meet us no later than 6:30am. We can not leave later than 6:40am, so don't be late ;)

If you like to join the run, but don't want to wake up so early. You can still meet us at the Laguna Seca Raceway gate at 10:00am.

Please fill out the Sign Up Form!! if you like to join us at the breakfast or the run on Sat.

You can see who is going to join us at the MINI meet at here (Members Access Only)

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dinlo - what route will you be taking to Monterey?
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