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dairyboy said:
These guys wanted $1320 for a complete set of 4. Beats AMG $1700 price tag I would think :D they've only got 2 sets so be quick. This is their contact:

Rany Bishara
> Australia Business International
> 2/2 Louie St. Padstow NSW 2211
> T: 02 9773 3380
> M: 0409 665 944
> F: 02 9771 0269
> E: [email protected]
He's the guy I got our rims off, nice chap. He's also the importer and supplier of the R90 style rims to AMG....

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ks_cooper said:
Does anyone know who imports the Hamann bodykits into Australia??
a bit OT, but anyway...

It was KS Tuning, but last I spoke to Kevin (the owner) he wasn't in business anymore. I'd suggest calling TCCA Motorsport ( and asking them who is the Hamann Distributor for Aus. I'm fairly sure someone else picked it up, but I can't remember who it is. TCCA have all the old Hamann stock from KS Tuning, so you might pick up a bargain :)

I hope you're sitting down when you hear the prices though

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Blacky said:
Can you confirm if these are in fact true R90s (two piece) :) or single piece copies.
No use spending good money of copies.
They are one piece replicas ... and when you compare the prices you may reconsider. ;)

I have the replicas on my car (see my gallery and relevant links below) and have had no problems with them. With the money "saved" from the real deal I have enough to get myself a new pulley, ECU upgrade and probably could squeeze an aftermarket exhaust in there too. Honest!

More power to you if you want the "real" BMW part, but there are advantages to both options, just don't rule these out because they're "fake".


Cheers Liam

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Thanks for the confirmation.
At $1300, there are many options for non genuine R90's.
Awayys looking for a bargain, but always for the right thing.
To tell the truth I am still thinking of Simmon wheel or OZ.
Anyhow, need to get the car first, you know the story.
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