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After wrecking my Cooper in a fairly big fashion

(see here: )

I was not only feeling a bit down (understandably) but I was facing a long wait until my new MCS was due to arrive in November :( (This was ordered before my crash!)

Because of this I was seriously thinking of cancelling my order :eek: and getting a VW Golf straight off the forecourt (I beg forgivness). Thank god I didn't.....because my new '05 MCS is now coming in 4 weeks time after some poor chap cancelled his order!!

I had to finalise the spec straight away. Please let me know what you think

Hyper Blue/Hyper Blue
Chili Pack
Black Cloth/Leather
Chrome Exterior + Chrome Mirror Caps
Heated Mirrors + Jets

I haven't specified CD Boost because I really want a DAB unit (Woodstock 54) The only problem is that I don't think you can get a MFSW adaptor yet - your thoughts on this too please!

The only potential black cloud is that my insurers might not pay out on my written-off cooper in time. Has anyone had any experience of this? I heard of someone having to wait 4 months and I've already disputed their 1st offer (too low) so I'm worried they might have switched to feet-dragging mode :mad:

Oh and if anyone is awaiting their 05 MCS then I can tell you it's worth the wait for the sound alone! I drove one on Saturday and it was great! Only 30 miles on it, so it needed loosening up but my dealer reckoned it made a metallic induction noise like an M3 - and he is not wrong!!! :D

Roll on September :)

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Good to hear that your new car will be hear soon, just heard my friends M3 as it bounced off the limiter it has one hell of an induction roar, if the 05 'S' sounds like that, it could be time to replace my MCS!

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