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South Carolina Dealerships

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Hello! I'm seeking opinions regarding the choice between Century Mini in Greenville vs Mini of Charleston. Of course, if a NC, FL, or GA dealer has been especially good to you, I'd like to hear about it as well! I am a little late to the party but am going to be getting on a wait list ASAP. Thanks very much for any feedback!

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Per other posts on this and the minicooperonline forum, Century puts mandatory add-ons totaling up to $3000 on its cars. Global in Atlanta just adds 10 percent outright markup to the base MINI, 15 percent to the S. Hank Aaron in Atlanta is supposed to be great to deal with and sells for MSRP but has a long waiting list. Didn't think the dealer in Charleston was open yet. Maybe they're taking orders already though. Someone said to try the dealer in Memphis.

Haven't had time to check any of them out myself yet. Good luck!
Wow... good to know, Scott. I think I'm going to try Charleston first. I spoke with a fellow down there who said that if I could get my deposit in and get on the list, he could possible have me in a Cooper by late August. He said there were more S's on his list but the bulk of his cars were going to be delivered in June and July. Thanks again for the info! Mark

Currently in leased :mad: '01 VW Cabrio GLX

Pining for '02 Mini (still deciding whether to S or not)
I'm going with the dealer in Memphis, TN - John Lloyd has been really great. They're taking orders and they started getting cars in May. I'm #80 on their list and it's for an S - wish me luck!! Hank Aaron in Atlanta is nice but WAY overworked...seems like they've only got the one dealer for everyone...but what a heck of a commission he'll get, huh? :p
Hey Tic-Tac,

Check my post entitled "Minis Are Available" on "The Marketplace - For Sale" section of this board. It concerns my experiences with Century BMW/Mini in Greenville. When I dealt with them, I found them to be quite amiable. Their "mandatory" add-on is a 6 CD changer. Other charges are what you might expect - however some posters expressed concern regarding that they are even charging for "dealer prep" and the like. Century has pre-spec Coopers available now w/o waiting. Bear in mind that the scenario I gave in my post was for a pre-spec Cooper S.

It can't hurt to call Linda at Century and explore the possibilities.

In my case, the bottom line is simple. My pre-spec S has all of the features I really wanted and it is due at the Charleston shipyard tomorrow. While others are debating prices, the evils of add-ons, and getting all flustered, etc., I will be driving my S. ;)

Notice that you are in Columbia. So am I. If you want to communicate via private e-mail, please feel free to do so.

Happy Motoring.
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Thanks for the info zwoman and JWK!

Wow, JWK! I guess I can cross the Chili Red off my list of possibles... Columbia ain't big enough for two! ;) Seriously though, the Union Jack! That is going to be incredibly cool! And arriving in Chas. tomorrow?!?!? You are loving life! I'm going to e-mail you with my dealer impressions so far... Thanks again.
tic-tac said:
Of course, if a NC, FL, or GA dealer has been especially good to you, I'd like to hear about it as well!
Mark - I've ordered from Flow MINI in Winston-Salem. No mandatory add-ons, no inflated prices. The guys there are overworked, but good to deal with.

The bad news is I have to wait until November for my S!

Chip H.
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