Complete kit for R56/R57. Fitted to my R57 but now traded for a F57.

Just completed the space saver add to a 2011 R57, following this thread and advice given. Bought a second hand tray from ebay which included most parts but no nuts. Both types of nut available from MINI. I decided to purchase a new wheel and tyre, most second hand tyres are probably past their sell by date anyway. The only add I have is that the original Tool Storage Tray Mobility System no longer fits over the cover in the boot. Managed to get the alternative tray with the cut out from ebay, 71106778555, including all the parts which saved buying the lifting handle. Priced up new parts from MINI, £372, I spent £206 including the new wheel and tyre. Now for some normal tyres :) Thanks for the share.