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A bit of history of my ownership since i bought the car second hand from a main dealer in May 2011.

Picked up my 57 MCS R56 on a saturday in May 11 from Bristol, when i got home it sounded like a 'tractor'. I was reluctant to drive it in case it cause any damage so i called mini emergency and it was checked and recovered to a dealer close by in Salisbury.

The dealer changed the timing chain and tension which i didnt know at the time seems to be a common faulty with the MCS.

Got the car back and i was pleased with it, however this was short lived as a month or so later the car started to back fire and run very rough. I limped it home and called mini emergency and it was recovered again back to the dealership.

This time they changed the plugs and coil pack, this resolved the issue and i got better miles to the gallon so i was happy.

Then a couple of months passed and i kept gettin intermittant problems with the car stuttering when trying to overtake or pulling out onto a dual carriage way. When i accelerated at full throttle it would have a big flat spot then the car would surge back to life. It was happeing about once every two weeks and only seemed to happen when i most needed the power to pull out onto a fast dual carriage way or overtaking. Thus i started to loose confidence in the car to overtake or perform.

I proceeded to take the car to the main dealer on a number of times to ask them to try and locate the fault. But unfortunately the car aways behaved its self when at the dealers.

Two months ago i have an orange engine light diagonally filled in, i parked the car at home and booked it into the dealers. I thought at last i have something to show them, as by this point i felt a bit of an idiot keep taking my car into the dealers and then getting it back with nothing wrong with it.

I didnt drive the car until i had to take it to Mini, i didnt want the light to go out! But 2 miles from the dealer and the light went out, i was fuming as i knew what the response would be from the dealer. I did take a picture just in case.

The dealer said there was some faults logged and they have cleared them but that is all they are allowed to do under warrenty unless there is a light displayed on the dash.

Anyway the car did behave its self unitl last Monday when i was joining a motorway speeding up in 2nd gear, about to change into 3rd when the car shuddered and missfired. I changed into a high gear and cruised at low rpm. The orange engine light diagonally filled in again, so i limped it home but i also got the solid orange emssions light as well. It was late Sunday night so thought i would leave it until Monday to call mini.

I called my dealer first on monday and they said i couldnt be looked at until the following week and suggested i called mini emergency. I called them in the morning hoping i could arrange for it to be collected that night when i get home. But they cant book more than two hours ahead so i would have to call them when im with the car :angry:

Car was recovered that evening and was taken to the dealer on the tuesday. I was given a hire car that evening which was fantastic.

After the dealer investigating the problem and taking the engine to bits, cylinder one had low compression and there was a score on the cylinder wall. The electrode off the spark plug had broken off and scored the bore.

I am getting a new engine block and piston rings and should hopefully get the car back this week.

To be honest i dont particularly want the car back, id rather they have it! I have about 1 1/2 months warrenty left on the car and i have had some many problems in the last 10 1/2 months that i just have lost all confidence in it. what happens when the warrenty runs out? I could be faced with more probelms but this time its actually going to cost me finacially.

The questions i have are, where do i stand with regards to trying to get the dealer i bought the car off taking it back?

Has this problem happened to many people or have i just bought a friday afternoon car?

Thanks for reading and sorry it was such an essay but i wanted to give all the facts.

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Just a quick update - had the car back a month and its been great (should be since having a complete new bottom end), unitl Tuesday. Once again on the motorway i was in traffic cruising at 50mph and the half filled in orange emission light was illuminated! I took it easy and when i got to work i negotiated with Mini Emergency for a mobile engineer to come out and investigate. After he checked the car he recommended the car to be recovered and taken to the dealer. I was fuming, ive only done 1000 miles since having the rebuilt with a new bottom end a month ago.

Anyway it turns out cylinder No. 4 piston has broken up due to overheating. They are going to do an investigation into why this has happened and I am waiting to hear back.

Has this happened to anyone in the UK?

I have seen the thread on Nam discussing piston failure on the R56., but the car is completely standard and could understand if i had modified and turned up the boost.

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Sorry to hear of your problems with your car - but i would say - dont lose heart.

Ive currently had,and am on my 4th mini - one,cooper and two cooper s

Due to the fact i had such good service from mini i decided to purchase a new mini one for my daughter.Within a week of picking it up she was coming home one night when the dash board lit up like a christmas tree and the fuel gauge went up and down like a yoyo.
Car was taken straight in by dealership straight away,while it was in we asked them to investigate tapping noise from engine at the same time.
A couple of days later the car was returned with a new ecu fitted,but they could not hear any tapping from the engine.
One week later the engine started to make what can only be described as a horrible noise.
Car went straight back to mini dealership - Broken valve spring had wrecked the head.Had to wait 4 weeks while one was shipped from Germany,but the dealership did give my daughter a courtsey car for the whole lengh of time.

Touch wood no problems since,although we did have a slight paint bubbling problem on fron bumper with laquer coming away from paint - fixed straight away with another courtsey car available.

i would say that if anything went wrong with the car,due to work completed on it at least you have a dealership record of problems which can be used in your favour.
I have not lost heart because its not the dealerships fault as they have done everything they could to get the car back on the road,and as such last week i ordered a new John Cooper Works.:(:(:p:smile:
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