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I own a 2017 Cooper. I bought the vehicle second hand from the dealership which had been using it as a drive car in December 2017.

The car is fitted with DAB Radio, Navigation and so on.

Recently my workplace updated my mobile to an iPhone so now I can stream iTunes to the car. On doing so I discover the standard speakers factory fitted are dull and lifeless compared to what I owned previously (clarion upgraded speakers and sub). So I have decided I would like to get a speaker upgrade.

I don't want to bother fitting the speakers, I probably can do it and have the tools, but for the price to fit I seriously don't see the time being worthwhile. My other constraint is budget although it would appear 4 inch speakers are all more or less the same sort of price point.

The local car audio shop is suggesting I stage the upgrade, partly for budget, but partly as I may be satisfied with just the speakers and not need the sub. Seems like a good idea to me.

The speakers they are suggesting are the Hertz DCX 100.3 which I understand are the bottom entry speaker for this brand.

After a bit of research and reading I am thinking for about another AUD $40.00 I can look at the ECX 100.5 which I read to be a better speaker. Then I also read the Polk db 402 may be worth considering.

Given my intent to avoid the need for the sub woofer if I can, does anyone have experience or input towards the better selection on this shortlist?
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