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I am planning to replace my OE speakers as part of an ICE upgrade.
BUT I need to keep the OE HU as I have NAV, AUX IN, CDC & Handsfree all plumbed into the back of it. Also need to keep it for TMC for the NAV.

Current favourites based on budget are :-

Fronts ALPINE SPS-171A

What do you all think? VFM or not worth it?
Are the SPS-69C3 noticably better than the SPS-69C2 when listening in the front?

Please do let me know what you think good or bad.

Many Thanks!!!

dyno-mite, might not....
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was thinking the very same for the rears, as i have alpine head unit
the fronts i changed to pioneer some time ago
i am also considering an active sub for under the front seat, that i can pull out for track days etc
need the space in the boot, and not liking the idea of filling my cubbies with amps
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