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Spotify via Bluetooth in 2013 Mini Countryman One

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Hello everyone,

I got my first Mini last week, a 2013 Countryman One (R60). I've had a look through some previous forums but haven't quite got to the bottom of whether I can play Spotify music through the car via Bluetooth. Any ideas?

From reading previous forums, it sounds like connecting it via a USB cable is the only option. Although I have seen the Mini Connected app being mentioned (but maybe that only works with newer models?) as well as Apple's CarPlay.

For reference, I'm using an iPhone 11 and I'm in the UK.

Thanks in advance :)
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I think the easiest route is to use one of those bluetooth FM transmitters that you then tune your radio into, I've got one for each of my cars and they work a treat as well as giving you a hands free function for the phone
only downside is the sound quality is not as good as direct line in
or as you say you can use the aux input via the 3.5mm jack or the USB
For playing Spotify music in the car, you may use the USB drive to do that. You just need to download Spotify music to the USB drive and connect it with your car. Then you can listen to Spotify music in car with ease. To do it, you can use the Spotify Music Converter Mac. It allows Spotify users to download Spotify songs for offline using without any limit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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