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S's looks have grown on me

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I really wasn't very keen on the hood scoop and raised hood on the S at first, but now that I've seen it in person and in pictures for a couple of months I do like it. I was really hoping for a "wolf in sheeps clothing" with the S have the same basic looks as the regular cooper but better performance. One other factor is that the S apparently needs the scoop for the intercooler, as opposed to a hood scoop that is purely cosmetic like on the toyota four runner.
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Me too! I wasn't sure about the hood scoop at first, but besides being functional, it does give it a bit of a meaner look, which I like. I'm still not completely sold on the spoiler and chrome fuel lid, but in general I don't think the Cooper looks that much better to the point where I'd want to sacrifice the juiced-up performance and superior gearbox of the S.
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