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Stage 1 fan

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Hi everyone I have 52 plate cooper s
Looking for help on the dreaded stage 1 fan and p/s fan not working

So all fuses are ok relays are ok p/s fan not seized

I have put 12v straight to high speed fan comes on no probs but
When I put 12v through low speed the relay at resistor just clicks and no fan

Any ideas where to go next apart from scrapping the car ?
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I think the resistor is for the first stage only, sounds like a bad resistor, you would have to replace the complete assembly, did you put 12v to the p/s fan?

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Putting 12v to fan I get low fan working but not high
Weird cause my high kicked in when it overheated on mot ramp the other month
But when driving low stage fan doesn’t seem to work
P/s fan is good
I’m wondering if coolant temp sensor is bad
And that’s why fan isn’t coming on while driving
Maybe not getting a temp reading for fan to work ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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