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Hi guys,

I'm a new Mini Cooper D owner (8 days!) - lovin' it!. I have a 59 plate which has a few upgrades incl. cruise control, bluetooth and steering wheel controls. Anyway, something I'm struggling to understand is whether the start stop tech is working as expected. It seems that sometimes the engine cuts out (when in neutral and no clutch) and sometimes it doesn't.

And even when the engine does cut out, it starts up again after just one second (without me even putting the clutch to the floor)

I believe it may be faulty.

Any thoughts or advice please?


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There are a whole range of reasons why the car won't let the stop/start operate:
- the engine is not yet up to temperature;
- the outside temperature is below 4 degC;
- the cabin is not yet up to temperature (I guess that's climate control cars only);
- the battery charge is low;
- and plenty others.

In my experience the battery charge is a common reason for the stop/start not to work in winter, even when it's above 4 degC, if the battery is older (even two years old is enough). It can also be a reason why the engine will restart, though that can be other reasons like the brake booster is not holding pressure (that would be a leaking servo on a petrol model).

If you want to check, put the battery on a charger overnight and it that makes the stop/start work as soon as the engine is warmed up, you've pinned it down to the battery.

So it's probably not serious and if the stop/start begins working all the time in warmer weather, it's definitely not serious.
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