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Steering Angle Implausible - R53 2004

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Hi All,

Newbie to the world of Mini's :) and i've said my hello's in the new member section :)

I've got a lovely dark silver 2004 R53 with a problem :-(

The tyre pressure sensor light is permanently on along with the steering light on the rev counter. I've purchased a CarSoft Reader and it gives the fault as "steering angle implausible"

I'd greatly appreciate any input. Does the sensor require recalibrating as i've cleared the fault codes but the lights remain on. I'm a bit stuck

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The sensor needs replacing. The replacement will need to be calibrated.
Thanks Nigel,

If i buy a used item from Ebay - can this be recoded and calibrated with Snap On Modis or an Autel diag tool?
Update on this. There are steering angle sensor "repair kits" on Ebay which have very positive feedback. The kit contains the wheel with new brushes which seem to be the problem and you don't need to recode the unit. Will update to see if this works
Hi All, Update on this.

Purchased a repair kit off Ebay. Easy to fit but light remained on. My local garage plugged in their Autel Diag tool and recalibrated the Steering Angle Sensor and hey presto all lights went out and the car is now all ok.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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