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Steering feels slightly misaligned on 2020 Cooper

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hi guys,

I have a Cooper which I really like overall, drives well etc, just 3 months old, never took a sidewalk or MASSIVE potholes at large speeds, some smaller ones yes. I have 17" wheels on, JCW kit.

I have the feeling that the steering "peels" a little (really little) on the right hand side so I need to adjust it a wee bit to the left in order to compensate. For instance the MINI logo is not perfectly straight when you don't touch the wheel.

Strange part is that this is when I drive in GREEN mode, which I do most of the time recently. If I switch to SPORT I would say the steering is perfect, and this is practically unnoticeable.


1. would you guys bring the car for a check and do I need to pay this? it's under warranty and a BMW private lease too.
2. why in Sport is less noticeable? is that because the driving is adjusted to more sporty so harder steering, etc?

many thanks,
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to Admins, can you please either close this or delete it? I posted it in the correct section now. didn't see that ,sorry!
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