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I have a 53 from 2004 that has been with me for some years now.
My questions in this regard:
- Could putting the wrong lubricant/oil cause issues and even failure of the pump?
  • Do all the modern first generation MINIs use the same CHF oil or is there some variation?
  • If/when the pump has seized, for how long can I still drive the car?
  • If the problems were caused at a MINI/BMW dealer, would I be able to put this on them?

Some background
My car has given multiple issues in the recent months, especially following a clutch change. After changing the battery and couple other things at the dealer, the steering pump started to run even when the car was off. I topped up the oil and ran the pump left to right a couple of times. This seems to have resolved it. The car went back for something else at the dealer (drive shafts). When it came back, they mentioned the oil was leaking onto the exhaust and they fixed one of the pipes from the steering pump. As part of this they put in new oil, which unfortunately was the red bmw oil and not the green MINI oil.

When I went to fetch the car, I was told the pump is not working. I took delivery and later noticed the wrong oil. I asked them to drain it, they refused. Surely a MINI dealer should know?
Could they have interfered with the pump as part of the drive shaft process that in addition to the oil that has caused the problem?
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