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Hi - I have a 2008 clubman, Cooper S with stock 16" alloy rims (five spoke).

Car is a recent purchase however the wheels are a bit shabby, all 4 have parking scrapes and some also have bubbling under the paint.
My plan is to get them powder coated, then ditch the runflats. However, whilst the wheels are being sorted I'm considering buying a set of secondhand wheels from ebay to keep the car mobile for a week or two, then sell them on again. (or maybe keep the new set if they are in better shape than my current ones)

So my question is - Will any stock 4 bolt 16" mini wheel fit my car without issues ? Will MK1 mini wheels fit or will it have to be from another MK2 ? Are the widths and offsets the same ? I'm not particularly bothered about aftermarket wheels, will be happy with stock providing they're in pretty decent shape.

Cheers - Dave.
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