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With the risk of this thread being moved to the 'quiet as a mouse' Automatic forum I would like to know if any one can answer this question:

- Why do we not have the Stop/Start feature on the Auto boxes?

As an owner of a Clubman Cooper S Automatic buzzing around my city centre (Geneva, Switzerland) I did an experient. (drum roll please........)

1. Reset the computer, normal run to the office and back in city traffic, Average was 28MPG (Trip computer is set to display UK MPG)
2. Next day, the same trip but Manually stopping and starting the engine at traffic lights: 31MPG

10% more economical (for those of you who think in l/100km) :aargh:

The difference it made astounded me and this is a 15 min trip in either direction.

My idea would be that when we put the lever into 'Park' it reacts like when you but the manual box in neutral and switches of the engine, restarting as you press the lever in to move it back to Drive.

Surely the starter motor on the auto is the same strong Stop/Start ready one fitted to the Mini manual so in which case all we need is a software update right??

Imagine all those BMW customers who opt for an auto box and lose out on Stop Start fuel economy, surely this would be a revolution. Or have I missed something. :confused:

Anyone..... ?
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