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Strange engine working during idle and on driving''

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Please help me!!

My 2005 MCS 1900km. has some strange engine working. When in idle after becoming warm engine, tacometer showing 1100 rpm general than moving 1500 rpm and suddenly a cut then down to 1100 rpm. This repeats. And some other similiar movements.
And while driving with warm engine, when you push gas, engine getting down slowly.(Rpm). This effects the driving comfort. Because when you change the gear the gas become too much for that upper gear and this damage the driving comfort:(

Are these normal! I don't think so. Anyone have these problems? And what is the reason?

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Hmm. It sounds like a problem with the...

...engine software. But those problems were supposed to have been solved with latest version (v39, I believe). I, too, have a 2005 Cooper S (with close to 16,000km) and have never had such a problem. Perhaps the wrong (i.e. older) software version was loaded prior to the car's delivery. My advice is to take it back to your dealer and have them run a diagnostic.

Bu arada güle güle iyi günlerde kullanın. ;)

Thanks and Lets Join our club!

Hi Sarp,

Thank you for your advice, I'll do it.

And let you remember we have a yahoo group name mini_Turkey. If you are interested you can join.


Grup ingilizce olduğu için böyle yazdım. İyi günlerde kullan.
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