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Last night, I had a passenger in my '05 CR/W MC, which is US distribution, and I still have the giant cupholder on the side of the console. I swung the cupholder toward the console to make more room for my tall passenger's legs. After she got out of the car, I was driving down the road when I realized that the temperature readout was not displaying any numbers, but was displaying all possible fan indicators. I think the cupholder actually pushes buttons when it's moved to the inside of the console.

I pushed several different combinations of buttons, with no luck, except at some point the display changed to a flashing '00'. It stayed like that all the way home.

I'm planning on keeping an eye on it, and if it does this again I'm taking it back to my dealership for a look-see, but tell me, has anyone seen this or something similar before?
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