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Strange LEDs??

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Ive recently bought some 4 cluster LEDs for my side lights.

They are on all the time while driving but at a low frequency... then when i put my lights on they increase upto normal. Any ideas why they do this? and are on all the time?

When i lock/alarm the car they stay on for 2 minutes then go off.

When i start the ignition they flash for about 5 seconds.

Im pleased with them and there results but wasnt expecting this to happen? Has my mini (Cooper S 05) got any kind of light bulb checking system?

Is this going to cause any problem with the electrics or anything? or am i worrying about nothing?

Any advice will be much appreciated!

Many thanks

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All the MINI`s I`ve seen with LED sidelights have them stay on for several minutes after main lights shutdown.
My old 02 & New 05 MCS`s have both exibited these results, maybe due to residual current from somewhere ??....but it seems normal.

But I`ve never seen them on while no other other lights are on while normal running. :confused:
Yes, my front LED's do exactly the same thing and have done, pretty harmlessly, since the car was new 7 months ago.

I put it down to a strange consequence of the multiplex wiring in the car and just enjoy the special effects at night!

yep this happens to my LEDs too. here's the explanation...

the MINI is fitted with a tiny self checking current thingy which courses round the car every couple of minutes, checking that all the sensors remain untampered with, and because leds work on so much less of a voltage than normal bulbs, this tiny current is enough to light them. I bet if you watch them for long enough, they will flick on and off every couple of minutes

To start with this annoyed me a lot, but tbh, I prefer the colour of the LEDs so much more, that I put up with the flickering.

Hope this answers any questions :)

Thanks everyone!! Im pleased enough with your reasurance to let my worries subside..

I think its kinda cool anyway.. like i said.. i just wasnt expecting it.

Thanks again!!
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