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So with the wind deflector it's fine but when you have someone in the back and hence no wind deflector there seems to be a constant moaning sound coming from the passenger seat. Turning up the CD player doesn't seem to help. Further investigation indicates that " the wind is messing up my hair".
Do you think Mini will bring out a range of hair care products with a firm holding action (because she's worth it)? What possibility of another sort of deflector (maybe to clip onto the front or rear seat) to break up the airflow when you cant use the standard deflector?
Any aero-dynamic experts out there?


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Heres the perfect solution.


Instruction are as follows empty contents into bath making sure you've got the plug in then while still holding the hair globe protector in your right hand this will leave the left hand to dry the inside of the bowl using a hand towel after this procedure is done the hair globe protector is ready to use.!

However a word of warning when using this aero dynamic hair globe protector.

Only use once seated in the Cabrio.
Make sure your not spotted by friends and family.
Never use if your suffering with a cold.

By following all of these instructions the sound of the wind is messing up my hair will be a thing of the past in the MINI Cabrio.:)

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The answer to the problem is convince SWMBO that short hair styles are so much more
flattering to her than the current look. New short hair style will then be less messed
up by the wind !

Downside is that you may have to pick up the tab at local Toni & Guy - gulp !!

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