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strange thing

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today i went to the top gear show, i took 3 people with me in my mini so it was full i had to do a hill start and 1st time got bad engin stumble almost atalled 2nd time i reved it a lot, put clutch up and , when i had my foot off the clutch had my foot flat on floor with accelorator , i had all revs and nothing really happ at the wheels, is this ASC or it my gearbox or clutch damaged car is 03 has my clutch gone? tryed to make it slip by putting hand brake on and pulling away it did not slip, YOUR INPUT PLEASE MINI2?? :) :) thanks :) ;) :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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is my clutch gone ? how much it gonna cost?
Dunno-Very strange. Were u idling in heavy traffic for long periods?
That can often cause the clutch to get hot and not be it's best. If it feels ok now, would not worry about it :)
i was at top of long hill and had been in traffic with 4 people in the car , car was full of petrol and was full of people. so yeah i would think its warm , would that make it slip?
If you had been in traffic queing and moving foward bit by bit, the car would be hot, and especially with 4 people in. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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