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Hello all,

I ordered a new highly spec'd JCW Mini from Stratstone Doncaster on 17th April. This is my fourth time buying a car from them. However, this time, the service hasn't been all that great.

I got a phone call yesterday saying that the car had been delivered and that we needed to drive to the dealership to sign the pre-contact, which I did today (previously this has been done on collection of the vehicle). We agreed a collection date of Friday 7th June.

This afternoon was spent purchasing gap insurance (there are much better deals online, with more coverage and cheaper than offered by Mini) and arranging the existing car insurance to change over on Friday afternoon.

But then, the phone call no-one wants. The car that's been delivered is a manual, not an automatic. It turns out that the head of sales has ordered the wrong car and no one thought to check until now. I also presumed that considering the car is configured on a computer, the order would stay electronic with no changes able to be made.

Another new car is now on order, but I'm not at all happy with the inconvenience or incompetence of the dealership, with an estimate delivery of mid July. I've been told we'll be getting a full tank of petrol, but that seems a little like a pre-given and not compensation for their mistake.

I'd advise anyone ordering a new car to check absolutely everything and get the dealership to check the car as soon as it's delivered.

Now back to un-organise the insurance and cancel the gap insurance!
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