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stripes by vinyl sign shops

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I pick up my MCS on March 2nd, and want to get some viper stripes donw. Dealer quote was ridiculous (£450), so I plan to get them done at a vinyl sign specialist place. There are a lot of them around, so I was wondering if anyone had any specific reccomendations. Where did you get yours done? If it is a national company hopefully I can find a local branch. The two major chains that I have seen near us are signarama and signs express. I haven't been to see them yet, but will do in the next couple of days.

I am in Reading, UK, so anywhere near there would be great! I don't mind travelling a bit to go somewhere that someone has used before.
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mine were done locally by a company that specialise in motor sport graphics & also do all the vinyl work for one of the local mini dealerships. Might be worth trying to find out who your dealer uses & go to them direct, its odds on they (the dealer) won't do the graphics themselves. my stripes which are similar to vipers (check my gallery) were £140 fitted.
that price is crazy thats £350 just for fitting.

Ring other dealers seen it being done for closer to £200 in other threads. Big issue not going through dealer as i found out was your warranty is invalidated if you dont use official product.

You could always buy product and get it fitted privately by local sign shop. I took the opinion paying extra £100 not £350 was worth it to go through dealer, depends the value you put on warranty.
Just phoned another local dealer, and they quoted £335. Bit better! 2 hours labour at £117 an hour!

hat - how did you find out where your dealer got them done? I haven;t asked directly yet, but would have thought they would be reluctant to tell you as they will lose out on cash. Whereabouts is the company where you got yours done?

Invalidating the warranty for getting stripes fitted seems a bit extreme. Is that just the warranty on the paintwork? or the whole warranty?
i can't imagine any dealer even trying to deny a warranty claim because of vinyl graphics being fitted :rolleyes:

to be honest until i went to the graphics place i didn't know they supplied the dealer - they told me when i went to see them. i found them on 'tinternet by searching on car graphics companies. i was just looking for somewhere local & they fitted the bill - good price & because they do motor sports they know what they're doing & had some ideas on the design. the company is
I was told just paintwork, just something similar in other thread.

Bottom line they will not maintain and to be fair cannot offer warranty on a product they haven't tested
bigshunt said:
I was told just paintwork, just something similar in other thread.

Bottom line they will not maintain and to be fair cannot offer warranty on a product they haven't tested
Check out my recent posts on materials...its all there.
I'd avoid signs express or signarama, they are franchises and generally run by people who aren't all that clued up.

Look for someone who at least does some decent car graphics who will appreciate that they need to be fitted carefully.
Thought I would phone a dealer out of the south east, and phoned Cardiff mini where I test drove an MCS. They quoted me £170, and told me it was done by a vinyl specialist not them. They reccomended buying the stripes from the dealer, and then getting them fitted by a specialist, just to be on the safe side on the warranty.

Less than a month to go now....
Mine were done (beautifully) at a place in Gosport Hampshire - too far for you ???
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