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2005 MINI Cooper S

I'm trying to replace the front axles (torn inner boots), and I'm having trouble with the left side axle nut (I got the right side loose). I bent the tab on the nut back out, but wasn't able to get the nut to turn, even with a breaker bar & extension. I thought maybe I hadn't gotten the bent lock completely out, and ended up using a dremel tool to grind that bit of the nut off. I STILL can't get the axle nut to turn, even after soaking it with break-free and putting an impact wrench on it! Any suggestions?

I'd hate to have to grind the nut off; that's a lot of metal to remove. I do have all-new axles, though, so preserving the nut and/or axle shaft is not critical.

Thanks for any help!

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