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I was unfortunate enough to get a mini without a glovebox. I've decided it's time to treat myself, and having looked through the forums, got the part numbers for adding a glovebox.

I initially went to Barons in Hindhead, and asked for a quote to fit it. 45 minutes later, and they still hadn't worked it out. I ended up giving them the part numbers, and they then tried to decide on how long it would take to fit. It seems that if you don't have the interior lighting package in your car, you need an extra wiring loom, which adds an hour to the installation time. So £250 pounds for with a light, £150 without.

So I went to Wood in Hampshire, as someone on here mentioned that they'd done a few retrofittings. Their quote was £350, with a 2 week wait for parts. After some discussion, it seems that that price is for a lockable glove box. After giving them the part numbers again, the price went down to £300, for 1.5 hours work.

All the people on here who have fitted one say that it'll take 15 minutes. I appreciate that I obviously don't have the wiring to plug a light straight in, but these dealers are really taking the p!

So I'll be getting the basic parts, and having a go myself.

PS, if anyway who's fitted one themselves reads this, can they give a bit more detail about how to get the tray out first. The FAQ isn't that clear.
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