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Sub & Amp Fitting?

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We are picking up a 53 (Oct 03) MCS next week, it has the Mini Boost CD system fitted, but we have a Sub & amp we want to fit.

Where does it attach to the Mini stereo, and where is best to get the positive wire to the batt.

Also whats the best route to run the cable to the rear of the car?
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Hiya, mikeythemini from NewMiniStuff may be able to help with that question
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What amp do you have? Does it have high level inputs?
Where are you mounting the amp?
The battery is in the boot so that makes things easy ;)
Its a Fli 12" sub with built in Amp. Ah yeah I forgot the batts in the boot! Makes life easier!

Cool, well what connectors do I need to connect it to a standard head unit, on a New Beetle I had previously I could buy an adaptor to give the stereo pre-outs, do I need something like this for a Mini?, and how is best to route the cables thru the car to the head unit?
Anyone? :)
if the amp does'nt have low level inputs then you can buy an adapter from a car audio shop or mikey for the rca connections
he sells/you can buy online the adapter so you don't have to cut the speaker wiring to fit the adapter
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Plug & play phono amp output for boost is here
A splice adaptor is here -
Does installing the plug and play phono amp output cable effect using the plug&play phono out for the ipod I bought off you Mikey? - I also have the Boost Radio...

Many Thanks
No :) You just move the small 12 pin plug into my new plug :)
tried to pm you mikey. i need some help fittin a sub to standard stereo
How about the little cable to turn on the amp when the radio is turned on? Does this come with the Plug & play phono amp output for boost a radio?

Look forward to hearing from you Mikey
Good good - which do I need then the 'Front RCA output for the Boost Radio' or the 'Rear RCA output for the Boost Radio'?
Up to you
Some people have their sub on the rear outputs, then use the fader to control the sub
Others have it on the front output so they have the sub & front speakers on & fade out the rear speakers
Sorry to sound so dumb but I am still unsure what you mean... Can I not have all the speakers working and the subwoofer or does it have to be one or the other?
you an have them all yes
Just you have to decide if you want the sub to be on the front or rear output.
Do you have any of the rear RCA output for the Boost Radio instock at the moment?
Make them to order but all parts are in stock so if ordered before 11am can get one out same day
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