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Suicide Door Window not working

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Hi there, looking for some pointers.

I have problems with the drivers (offside) door which is the parachute door.

Firstly, the window will not reset. Also, it will not do the up and down thing on opening and closing. I am getting road noise which sounds like the window is opening. The window is not sealing like it would if it did the up-down thing! (Sorry if my technical language is blowing your mind!)

Alos, if I close the window, often, when it gets about half way up, it will try to go back down and I have to pull it past a certain point where it wants to open again. It is very sluggish when I open or close it.

I am wondering if there is a component that needs replacing, and would the ems need resetting if so?

thanks in advance for you help.
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