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ErikR said:
I think I really like the new sunrise interior but I have a few questions, some things aren't readily apparent.

What part of the interior is leather? It seems to me that the whole rear seat is not leather except the headrests.
That's pretty much it. The bolsters on the front seats are leather and small bits of the rear seat area like the headrests and the seatbelt buckle surround.

How much of the interior is blue? I see the inner doors and rear panels are. How does this match in with the top of the (black? or dark gray?) dash or the windshield pillars?
The door panels and rear side panels are a dark blue. They mesh in well with the black dash top and black a-pillar trim because it's such a deep dark blue. I almost didn't notice it was blue at first because it's so dark.

How does the sunrise orange look with Hot orange? Do they coordinate pretty well or do they sort of clash? What about the blue of the sunrise interior vs. the convertable top blue?
The sunrise orange is the perfect complement to hot orange. They are very close if not identical and it's clear that the sunrise orange cloth was made with the purpose of matching the hot orange. The blue of the interior is probably a bit darker than the top blue but it works very well. They certainly don't clash.
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