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Supa-ramair induction kit for Cooper?

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Hi all!

I've been searching for info on this kit in this and other sites but no actual in-depth reviews or pics were available.

Can anyone help me? I had never heard about this kit but since a friend that might make an excelent price on this Id like to know if its worth it.

Thanks for any info. :)
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Never heard of it.
Doesn't even show up in a Google. At least using your spelling.
I have my doubts.

Got pics?? Links??
Hi, thanks for the answers and the links!

The page where I found info on the filter was the brands page:

Still, if anyone has any info on this subject Id very thankfull!
I guess, as I expected, no one has had experience with this cai :(

If I ever buy it I'll post my opinion about it for sure! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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