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Watch Wheeler Dealers .The BMW Mini cooper S.MC40.Series 14 episode 16.
Ant does a 100k sevice on the episode which includes the supercharger service .
He also changes the headlining material and the suspension.
There are 2 separate oil changes on the supercharger , which he took the supercharger off the car ,I think one was 100ml and one was 25ml .About half the oil was gone at around 96k.
He removed the front bumper ,aircon rad, Raditor mount and Radiator (as one) .


Its on Catch up (Discovery or YouTube )

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Been a couple of years since I had an R53 but I think there are two oil reservoirs in the S/C. One is easy to access and you can buy kits on eBay to inject new oil. The other is not easy and requires removal. Best done when you swap the pulley for a smaller one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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