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Hey everyone!

Got an R56 Mini One with a very annoying knocking noise/rattle coming from the rear right wheel arch area and struggling to get to the bottom of it. It sounds like it's coming from behind the rear quarter trim around where the strut bolts to the body and it only happens when the rear right wheel goes over a bump.

We've replaced the rear anti roll bar bushes and drop links and strut top mounts on both sides and the control arm bushes all look fine with no obvious play. The tailgate closes properly and the noise is still there when driven with the tailgate open and everything removed from the back of the car including the rear seats. I've even taken the rear quarter trim off to check for anything loose behind there and nothing to be found!

It's not far off 100,000 miles now so not sure if it might just be generally worn bushes but would be good to know for certain before we go and replace more bits.

Any help or advice on where to look next would be greatly appreciated!
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