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my 17"s with SPS


Hope you get a chance to read this so long after you posted. Can I say I was tempted to post earlier but didn't want to be influenced

I picked up COSI MEE on the 19th Dec and have 17" SPS on a Cooper. I'm used to much softer suspension and pride myself on a smooth driving style. I have had to adjust and learn to appreciate my MINI's unique handling and ride.

But wow it's worth it! In nearly 20yrs of driving this is the most fantastic car, my Saab 95 sport was awesome but this cheeky, beautiful, happy (people just grin at you!) car.

I wouldn't change my set-up the 17" alloys with SPS are just :eek: well for this thread the dogs well lets just say the Vet can't have them:D
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