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Suspension - Sport / Sport Plus?

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Took delivery of my replacement Cooper 3 weeks ago following rejection of my October build car in December. However, I am a little perplexed by the suspension. My original car, with Chilli pack and 5-spoke alloys was 'stiff' to say the least. My replacement, with upgrade to 17" S Spokes definitely rides softer.

So, the question: does anyone know if they've tweaked the settings? If not, how can I tell definitively if my car has Sport or Sport Plus suspension? I understood that my Chilli pack on the original car included Sport Plus, and my new car is meant to be identical spec...

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Check the options on the invoice. Apparently, if you order the Chilli pack, you have to declare whether or not you want the SS+. If it isn't listed on the invoice then chances are it may not have been put on. This has changed since earlier models in that if you ordered the Chilli pack the SS+ would be put on automatically.
funny that.....

i thought that my cooper chili that i got last week was no where near as firm as the Demo i drove, and it wasn't just me who thought so.....

I checked my incoice, and the chili pack is there, but ther is no sign of SS+!

I think a call to my dealer is going to happen!

Thanks for that. Will have to have words with my dealer... will be interested what they suggest to resolve the problem!

HI guys, just a note I found out about this yesterday via the thread 'SS+ no longer standard with chili pack' and have since created a poll/thread to see how many people were actually aware of the change. I have been placed in the same position as my car is currently in production minus the SS+ due to my dealer not informing me when placing my order:mad:

Impression I get in here you have the opinion the ride is noticalbly different, for good or bad not having the oportuinity to choose is unacceptable.
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