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I dont know how many there are of us out there but i need desperate help!

I still have the factory standard 15" mini one steel wheels! :(

I really need, and i mean NEED, a set of aftermarket 17"s but cannot afford yet as i am still paying off for the car.

I want my one to look something like this:

How am i going to get my 17"s?

Should i start a registered charity aptly named "help those who have steel 15" wheels with hubcaps"

Am i alone???????????????????? :confused:

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Keep a watch on E-bay. I wouldn't expect to spend less than $350 for a set of wheels. But You might also get tires too for $400-$450. So, since you would need tires for you new 17's, even though they'd be runflats, that sounds like a pretty good deal. To lower your costs further, you could intern, sell your 15's to an autocrosser. Perhaps not the best solution, but it would put you up to 17's cheaply. :rolleyes:
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