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I would have swear that before yesterday, the red lights on my tachometer started at about 5,500 RPMs.

Yesterday, I had a 'friendly' traffic light to traffic light acceleration test with a BMW Series 3 M. During the 'test', I think I might have gone over 6,000 RPM a couple of times, particularly when going up to 2nd and 3rd. The test ended, we both 'nodded friendly' and I got home

This morning I turned on the car and the red lights threshold is close to the 6,500-7,000 RPM. It is like several of the 'always on' red lights have moved up 1,000 RPMs or more. Is this normal? Does it has to do with my test? Is there something wrong with the tachometer? or with the car?

I drove my Mini to work this morning and no problems whatsoever. The engine sounds ok and nothing else that the tachometer seems to have changed

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