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Hi guys,

I've got a MCS in Dark Silver and I'm looking to get some replacement wheels. I currently have the standard 16" star shape ones but I'm looking to get bigger alloys so I can fit a new bigger brake kit.

Was looking at the Ultralite Spec ones in gunmetallic grey - figured they'd look nice on a Dark Silver MINI.

Kinda been swayed down the Team Dynamics Pro 1.2 route instead now, they seem to be very popular on this forum and the NAM one :)

Pretty much every seems to have gone for the 17" ones rather than the 18" ones. I'm guessing this is for ride comfort and such?

Anyway, the main difficulty I'm having at the moment is what colour to go for. I've seen some pics of them in Standard Silver and High Power Silver on various websites but can't seem to find any pics of them fitted onto MINIs. I'm not too keen on the black ones, they looks fantastic up close but from a distance you can't really make out the spokes and the wheels end up like black blotches. I prefer a brighter, shinier look in general.

Hence, if anyone has pics of a MINI with Team Dynamics Pro 1.2 alloys in Standard Silver or High Power Silver please can you post them? :)

I spent hours last night traweling these forums, NAM and Google but haven't any luck so far.

Cheers! :)
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