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Teflon Coating

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My boss has just bought a Jaguar (obviously couldn't wait for a MINI) and they gave it a Teflon coating. Apparently this protects the paint and makes it look like it always has got the Showroom shine.
I know nothing about this.
Can you get it done in a standard garage / paint shop?
How much would it cost for a MINI (they threw in his for free)?
Would it be worth it?
I am not so worried about the showroom shine but not sure I could ever part with my MINI so anything that keeps it in good nick....
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It's an acrylic coating, much like clear-coat(TM) that contains a minute amount of Teflon. Teflon isn't clear, so any quantity would affect the clarity. It makes the clear-coat a bit slippery supposedly allowing it to shed more dirt than regular clear coats. You're actually not supposed to use car wax with this product (it wouldn't adhere well) so the acrylic is all you get.
Personally I prefer car waxes, because the wax can take the brunt of the elements, be stripped off and re-applied. Good quality car waxes (most aren't even wax anymore) can easily last a year. Once a year protection that CAN be re-done.
Remember the teething problems clear-coat originally had? Blistering, sheeting, bubbling? It did eventually become a good product, but in the interim...

I'd recommend getting this teflon coating on your next car, if it's proven to be so wonderful. I'm sure the MINI has factory applied sealant over the paint, so you're not going to get the teflon stuff anyways. Just wax it yearly or better, and you're in good shape.

If you really want the stuff, then check-out
they have a product that sounds a lot like what you're talking about.
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We have something like that over here. Im sure its called 'Sure Guard' & is an extra £160 or £170 quid I think :)
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